Prophet Lawrence Jenkins Sr


Prophet Jenkins has been married to his lovely wife, Pastor Rose, for 30 years.  He and Pastor Rose are the founders and pastors of Assured Foundation Ministries Church. They have been Blessed with two children, Lawrence Jr.(Reundra) & Lawrencia. He is a man of vision and purpose. Prophet Jenkins is a Prophet of God chosen for such a time as this! He is one of the most accurate Prophets speaking with precision, compassion, and power. He has spoken into numerous leaders lives and every word has come to pass.


Prophet Jenkins has passion for the Word of God and the people of God. He is a devoted husband and father.  Simply put, "Pastor Jenkins is a family man at heart!"  He believes that a "strong church" is built upon  "strong families".


Call To The Ministry:


In 1997, while reading Isaiah 28:16, God spoke to Prophet Lawrence Jenkins, Sr. in the Spirit and said , "Son I have called you to the five fold ministry. I have called you to the office of the Pastor and you will function under the ministering gift of the Prophet. I will raise up a church through you, but the time is not yet. I will tell you when the time comes. There will be some who will say that I did not call you to Pastor, but I am telling you now and I will show you when the time comes. This is what I want you to name the ministry- 'Assured Foundation '. I shall do great and mighty works through you."


In August of 2005, God spoke again and said, "Now is the time for Assured Foundation to come forth. I shall bring my word to pass. " So God birthed Assured Foundation Ministries Church on August 15, 2005