Pastor Rose Jenkins  


Pastor Rosie Jenkins, known as Pastor Rose, has been married to her husband and mentor, Prophet Lawrence Jenkins Sr, for 30 years.  She and Prophet Jenkins are the founders and pastors of Assured Foundation Ministries Church. They have been Blessed with two children, Lawrence Jr.(ReundrIa) & Lawrencia.  Pastor Rose is a woman of compassion and sincere love for the people of God. She works along side her husband diligently.


Pastor Rose is the founder and director of Women of the Royal Court, Daughters of the Royal Court, Children of Majesty, and WordUP!. She has a deep desire to equip every woman with the Word of God enabling them to discover their true identity as Royalty. She has a heart for restoring women to their rightful place of honor and respect for themselves and others. She passionately encourages women and young girls to see themselves the way that God sees them. Pastor Rose firmly believes and teaches  that "Everything we need to succeed is on the Inside!"  The "True You" is on the inside. Transformation takes place from  the 'inside-out'. Her teachings inspire many to love God, love themselves, and love their family. She is an anointed, uncompromising teacher and preacher of the Word of God.


Her passion and excitement for the Word of God is uplifting. She is a devoted wife and mother.One of her greatest joys is spending time with her husband and children. Pastor Rose considers her primary purpose in life to be raising Godly children and working in the ministry along side her husband. In her own words, "Of course it helps to be married to your best friend!"



Call To Ministry:

God spoke to Pastor Rose and said, " You are to pastor along side your husband. I have called you for such a time as this. Everything that you need is on the inside of you. You are to go forth and tell others about the gift of God that is on the inside of them. I will put my words in your mouth-Be not afraid!